My monthly goals December

Hello December…..! Merry Christmastime everyone! There are only 30 days left to welcome 2019. I still cannot believe it!!

If I had to choose my favorite month of the year, it would definitely December. I’m always so excited for holidays season! This year I will spend Christmas in Miami. It’s my first year here and I want to enjoy the city of the sun.

I am currently focused on my project of selling photography online. I’m so excited! It has been my dream of a lifetime. Sometimes I stop and think about how I’m going to run two businesses at the same time? I want to be able to keep the same focus for both the blog and the photo portfolio. Of course the blog takes a lot of time and I’m so proud of the growth I’ve had in recent months. I feel so lucky for everything I have. Thanks for your support.

I have some exciting posts for this month and aim to post with a frequency of 4 times per week.

01. This first week I will be decorating my Christmas tree and I am very excited. I will share a publication with the best ornaments that I have bought in these past few days. If you still do not have your Christmas tree, here you have a post with some ideas.

02. I continue improve nutrition and exercise training. I am at a stage where I want to get fit and my eating habits are good. I’m not taking anything that has a lot of calories.

03. I will publish a few lists of gift ideas. I really love the Christmas gift lists. This will be really fun.

December is going to be lovely, really lovely. What have you guys got planned for this month?

Thank you for reading me!


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