My monthly goals April

Officially, after almost 10 days of travel, I’m back home! I feel fully renovated after having slept for 24 consecutive hours.  I must confess that in these vacation days I just have slept 6 hours a day, if not less. It’s was a very intense work-vacation, but also very productive. I’m so happy with the results.

This month will be a bit unusual because we’ll only have 4 posts on the blog. I want to apologize about this, but I will be dedicating my time to working on a sale of a photographic project for which I have pending delivery. I am very excited!!

For this month:

1. Share more pictures about my recent trips to Cuba and New York.

2. We will publish our monthly beauty section and tips on how to recover our skin after winter.

3. I will share some travel guides and my experience with my new camera Sony a6000.

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