When I founded my blog last year, I didn’t t know anything about the art of blogging. I felt like a baby that begins to take his first steps. My intention from the beginning was always to share my work as a photographer, travel insights and things that I love about my daily life.


LivingBetterWithOli has become my passion. Keeping my blog active all this time has been a personal achievement. I cannot believe how much this blog has grown and how much I have learned. If I look back where I started, things have really changed around here.

Every day is different. Blogging is a great teacher. It is human nature to lose interest when you are not stimulated with a reward. This is also true in blogging. There are certain days that my interest in blogs becomes a bit slow and I get a little discouraged, but later I receive a fabulous comment or some email to participate in some marketing collaboration and everything changes.

If I’m honest, I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. I’m currently publishing three times a week and several of my publications are classified in Google. This means that I am receiving more visits from organic pages.

For all of you who have been reading me since my beginning…Thank You! LivingBetterWithOli means a lot to me and it is very gratifying that other people take the time to read something I wrote. I literally read all the messages and emails that each reader shares with me. This is really amazing!


I am preparing an online store! Here, I will be selling my best photographs taken during all these years. I’m so excited! I’ve been sharing this news with some of my close readers. This is a super special project for me, a dream that will soon become a reality.

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