About Living Better with Oli

Hi there, my name is Olivia Dufort and I’m the author of livingbetterwitholi.com. Based originally in San Francisco and currently in Miami, I set up this blog in June of 2017 and it has been up and running since then. Welcome and thanks for visiting my page!

I am passionate about photography, fashion and beauty. It is such a comfort to be able to work on what you love! My main goal with this blog is to encourage and inspire people around the world through the photography content taken on my trips around the globe, my fashion style selections, beauty secrets, healthy lifestyle tips and more. I’m always looking for the creative and innovative in the simple things that surrounds us.

My photographs allow me to tell a narrative of my life and my personal fashion style. I love everything chic and feminine! It is my hope to continue sharing my growth as a blogger and influencer with you as well as been an inspiration to my followers. Please contact me with questions, curiosities, comments, or just a simple greeting.