My monthly goals…. April

Hello from Miami

I feel like a brand new person after having slept for 24 consecutive hours. After 21 days of vacation and 30 hours of flying back, it was just what I needed. I loved every minute of my vacation. Asia has so many incredible sites to explore that I have been left wanting more.

I welcomed April, a month that I love, from the other side of the world. I returned with the energies loaded, with many ideas and new projects that I will be developing and sharing with you in this second quarter of this year. Very soon I will be able to share them with you.

  1. This month I continue with the decoration of my small Miami office. I thought I would finish everything last month, but with the mess of the trip, it was impossible. I will include one of my new projects in the decoration. I am super excited and eager to share it with you.
  2. I will start experimenting in the world of yoga and meditation. I am a very restless and impatient person and I would like to improve it through yoga and relaxation.
  3. Summer is just around the corner and many of us have started with “Operation Bikini” and I do not want to stay behind. I have made a plan of losing about 30 pounds in an average of one year. I have noticed that I have failed previously on the subject of diets just because I want big results in a short time.
  4. This month I will continue posting 2 to 3 weekly blogs and many will be previous blog compilations that I love. I will also be sharing photos of my recent vacation.

This month I am full of hope and energy! What have you got planned for the month ahead?

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