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Hey Guys! 🙂 For a long time ago I’ve been thinking about making an official introduction about myself. I think now it’s the time. A friend suggested to me that I could do a mini interview, something a little fun and entertaining. If you are new tomy blog, I am Olivia Dufort, but everyone calls me Oli. I am the person who keeps the website . I am pharmacist, but I love the photography.  My friends tell me that I take wonderful photos, but I don’t consider myself a photographer. I think that I have still a lot to learn. In my blog, I had previously posted a small introduction about me: this was Meet Oli. This time, it would be more personal. I hope you like it. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Name:  Olivia Dufort

Age:  32

Birthday:  February 20

Born:  Havana, Cuba

Currently Lives:  San Francisco, California

Places I have Lived:  Havana, Madrid, Galicia, Barcelona

Countries I have Traveled:  Spain, London, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal

Bucket List Travel:  India, Thailand, China, Australia

Profession:  Pharmacist

Dream Job:  Professional Photographer

I Can’t Live Without:  My family, coffee, macaroons, my camera

Languages: English, Spanish, a little Italian

Favorite Season:  Fall

Favorite Flowers: Tulips, Sunflowers

Favorite Color:  Pink

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Pistachio, Chocolate

Favorite Food:  Seafood, Pasta, Sushi

Favorite Dessert:  Brownie, Lemon Pie, Macarons

Favorite Book: The Physican ( Noan Gordon), Pillars of Earth ( Ken Follett)

Goals/Wishes:  To live in Chicago, to be a Mom and to become a successful photographer

Thank you for reading!

Oli Dufort 🙂

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