Chicago: My first trip alone

This Labor Day weekend I decided to travel to Chicago. It would be my first time in the “Windy City”. For me, this trip is very special because it was the first time I traveled by myself. Whenever I travel or go on vacation, it has been with my family or friends. I usually go running through the Golden Gate Bridge and one of the things that has always caught my attention is when a tourist asks me to take their picture because they’re traveling alone. The decision wasn’t easy, not only because it involved traveling alone, but also because for the past three years I’ve never been apart from my boyfriend. For work reasons, he wasn’t able to travel and I thought why not try this adventure.

I only spent two days organizing the itinerary. I looked at the Chicago neighborhoods to find a place to stay, the places of interests and restaurants, and once everything was organized and things started to flow there was only one item missing: informing my partner and family of the upcoming trip.

First, I called my parents. My mother was very surprised and outraged. I honestly didn’t expect this from her. In the afternoon, I told my boyfriend and it didn’t go well either. It almost cost me my relationship.

In spite of everything, I feel very proud of myself and happy to be here in Chicago. I didn’t know much about this city, only a few references in movies and the things you usually hear in the news. Chicago is charming, full of life and color and lots of places to visit. Of all the places I’ve visited in the United States (sorry, New York and Miami) Chicago has conquered me.

I will be sharing details of my trip very soon, as well as my personal experience.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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