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I think it was time to create a wish list for the household. Wish lists for the home are some of my favorite. When it’s time to decorate, I don’t hesitate to visit one of my preferred home stores, Create & Barrel. With the help of their virtual application, you can see how your room will actually look. This is great!!!!

The apartment where I live in Miami came furnished already. It’s a small apartment, but very comfortable. I’ve been living there almost 6 months and I haven’t had much time to give it my personal touch. I think it’s about time!

I want to start with the bathroom and a little something for the bedroom. I would like neutral colors. They always give a feeling of luminosity and space. It’s also a plus when it comes to introducing touches of colors or more vibrant prints resulting in balanced environments.

This list I created only has decorations for bathrooms and bedroom accessories. In future posts I will continue sharing other areas of the home.

1. Storage Basket, $ 29.95; You can never have enough storage space, and this pretty box is the perfect way to keep all of my mess together.

2. Set towers (3 pieces), $ 59.88; I am obsessed with the softness of these towels. A few of these stacked on the bathroom shelf will look divine.

3. Laundry basket, $ 129.00; I think I’m obsessed with cinnamon honey finishes. I know you agree when I say they are beautiful!

4. Potted Faux Succulent Duo, $ 29.95; I love floral ornaments. Throughout my life I have had the house decorated with natural plants. I’m thinking that something like this one would look perfect in my bathroom.

5. 400 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Sets, $ 24.95 – $ 159.95; You will agree with me when I say that the bed is the main element in a house, right? It is where our day begins and ends. I love this sheet set!

6. Styles Ecru Fringe Throw Blanket, $ 129.95. I’m so happy with my blanket! It’s perfect to stay warm all night. It is so soft and delicate!

7. Axiom Brass Floor Lamp, $ 399.00; I’m in love with this beautiful lamp!  I think it will be my next purchase. It is ideal for my room. Just what i am looking for!




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