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The big smartphone revolution was a great blessing that we’ve all received with open arms. Communication and information is so easy through them. You can be informed here and now.

The digital era has made life easier for us, we can’t deny this evidence, but it has also separated us a bit from reality. It seems that today we’re more attached to our phones than our family and friends. Several studies have estimated that most people spend at least 120 minutes on the phone daily. Some might think that this number is not that high, but what’s alarming is that much of the time spent is dedicated exclusively to review social networks.

If we think about it, those 2 hours are possibly your only free time in the whole day and we dedicate it to live the lives of others. Think about that! We could have spent that time enriching and living our own life (reading, swimming, running, cooking or practicing a hobby).

If you believe that this reflection is not for you and you feel happy with your lifestyle, then you won’t need to read this publication. Otherwise, I have 5 tips for you that will help you spend less time on the phone. 

1. Determine How Much Time You Spend On Your Phone

This is very important. Luckily, there are now applications that show us statistics. The best apps for stats that I use are: Moment, App Usage and Checky. Just get them from your app store.

2. Set Yourself A Time Limit

For a few years now, I have a trick to disconnect. I work 2 hours during the morning which is my best time to write and then I disconnect for 1 hour. My brain and my eyes thank me more every day. In that hour of rest, I usually do a small workout, read a book, etc.

3. Log Out From Your Accounts

If I tell you that this is the trick that I use the most, would you believe me? When I think I’m having excessive use, even when my work depends on the phone. Close the session and do not save your username and password. That way you will be forced to enter your email address / username and password (letters and random numbers). Trust me, it works! Try it and let me know!

4. Turn Off Notifications

Today, we rely too heavily on applications and emails to communicate and deliver information. We have lost the ability to really communicate and that is sad. I am sure that if there is any emergency, they will call you by phone when they see that you do not respond to the notifications received.

5. Delete Your Social Media Apps

Possibly this is the most extreme measure, but if you think it is necessary, proceed! You can only see social apps on your computer and with a time limit. I’m sure you will be forced to depend less on your phone.




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