This weekend I’m going to visit my family. Every time I travel to meet them, I feel happy but I am a little anxious because I want them to feel proud of me and live up to their expectations. We have the tradition of meeting at our favorite restaurant and sharing how it has been since we last saw each other. I usually talk to them often on the phone, but my mother says there is nothing like discussing with the family the personal projects.

My mother is 64 years old and my father is 63 years old. I usually visit them twice or three times a year. I try to please them in everything that is within my reach. I consider myself a good daughter and I believe they have been the best parents in the world. Many times I get the typical question: Who do you love more, your mom or your dad? And if I am totally honest, I have a weakness for my dad, but it is my mom I adore. I have come to the conclusion that I love them both with their faults and their virtues more than my life itself.

I have a brother of almost 22 years whom I also love, although sometimes I have the feeling that the love is not reciprocal. I know he loves me, but not with the same intensity that I love him. I confess that I would like to have a closer relationship with him. Even though we do not live in the same city, I would like us to call each other more often and share things that brothers and sisters do and I can act as the older sister. But on this trip I am thinking of having a conversation with him and explaining what I feel and how I would like our relationship to be.

I’m sure it will be an intense weekend. I am happy to be able to hug my family and share time with them.

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