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I often receive emails and private messages with many common questions, so I thought that this is a good way to answer it through a post. I have tried to answer each of them. If you have a question that can’t find the answer here, do not hesitate to ask me below, please.


Do you blog full time?

I am a photographer and blogger. I love my job. I tend to spend a good chunk of my day replying to email and comments. I try to keep up with social media, writing and planing my next post. The rest of the time I am editing photos for the coming weeks and months.

Who designed your website?

My website logo was designed by me. The website was designed by my best friend, to whom I am immensely grateful. Now I am beginning to make some changes by myself. This is a great challenge for me.

Who takes your photos?  

I am photographer, so I do!. Sometimes when I need to take a photos of myself, my friend takes them.

How did you get started blogging?

I have to be honest with you and tell you that it was never in my plans to get into blogging. I still remember sitting in my spare time and reading the blog My Jazmine Star and thinking that maybe I could create a blog where I can show my photos and my daily lifestyle. That’s how it all started! Today I have to say that I am very happy to have pressed the publish key to My first post .


What camera equipment do you use?

I have two type of cameras that I use. For 60% of my photos I use Canon EOS Rebel T3I and the other 40% I use Olympus OM-D E-M5.

Raw or JPEG? 

I shoot almost everything in RAW, because this format facilitates later editing. 

How do you edit your photos? 

Usually I use Photoshop or Lightroom. The rest of the time I use VSCO, Snapseed or Foodie.

Do you have any tips for shooting great photos?

Photography is all about lighting and composition. Once you’ve figured out your light, think about your composition. I never take just one picture of the same subject, always play with the composition, focal distance, items, etc. 


How old are you? 

This is the first time I’m talking about my age. Wow I can’t  believe it! I am 33 years old.

Where are you from originally? 

I’m originally from Cuba. 

Why did you move to Miami? 

To summarize, whenever I travel to a site, I evaluate the possibility of moving there. Madrid, Rome, Lisbon, New York, Chicago, Paris, Bali have all been landing candidates but for one reason or the other they did not work out in the end. Last year before traveling to Cuba to visit my family, I was in Miami for a few days and from the first moment I knew I was going to stay here.

It’s a big city. The weather is great. The pace of life is slower than other places I’ve visited and people are often not so kind, but you get used to it. I’ve adapted well and I am very happy with my decision.


What is your favorite place you have ever been?

Some on my favorite places are Paris, Madrid, Bali, Cuba, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon. ( in no particular order)

Which cities/countries would you like to visit?

I would like to visit Santorini, Greece, India, Japan, Marrakesh, Malta and London. 

Next month I am gointo to visit Havana, Cuba! Do you have any recommendations of places to eat and things to do?

I have a large Cuba guide that you should definitely check out. Click here for the guide.





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