Here’s What I’m Packing For Cuba

My first trip to Cuba this year is approaching and I am very happy about it!! Being able to spend time with my family and friends again is one of the many things that I have to thank life for. As much as I like to explore new places around the world, Cuba always brings memories of my childhood, those that through the years and the distance fade. Fun anecdotes that I would like to share someday with my children.

Spring is the best time to visit Cuba. Until the end of April, the weather is a dry so it feels much less wet and much cooler. Don’t worry, you’ll still need sunscreen and sunglasses.

In honor of my next trip, I have put together a packing list, some items which I have and others that I would like to have, all inspired by a Caribbean climate. Even though I’m going for a few days, my suitcase is full of colorful and fresh clothes.

Hats are a perfect accessory and I would say that it is necessary in destinations like Cuba to protect from the sun while I am enjoying my people. Here I leave you a varied selection.

Comfortable shoes are essential!! Sandals are always a good choice. Currently Lola Cruz and Anthropologie have some Spring-Summer collections, that I would like to have them all in my closet.  Of course, I don’t leave without my converse. I spend many hours of the day walking around the city taking as many photographs as possible to show them on my return and until now these are the only shoes that allow me to do that.





I have selected a series of denim shorts. They are so easy to combine!!! Here is a list of my favorites.












Dresses are unique pieces that always make you look elegant and offer freshness. You could combine it with one of the hats.






In case I have time to take a break and take a dip, here I have my selection of bikinis and accessories. Some of them will be included in my Summer wish list.





Hope that I can share with you some of my photography from Cuba through social media. Remember that the internet in Cuba is a bit complicated. Stay tuned for some adventures!

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  • Lauren

    Hi Oli. Enjoy your trip with your family !!!!

  • Mathalie

    I want all of these dresses and sandals too!!!! . Safe trip!!!

  • Robert

    I can’t wait to see picture of Cuba. I hope that you have a wonderful trip!!!

  • Lovely

    Have a fabulous trip to Cuba darling!


  • Dee

    looks great actually! hope you had a blast

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