How I care for my Hair.

Good Morning Everyone! Only a few days are left until Spring and I am really happy! Today my blog is dedicated to hair care. On many occasions, I’m asked about my hair and now that I am living in Miami and I am exposed to ultraviolet rays, at the pool or at the beach, it is a good time to talk about it.

I have to be honest and the first thing I have to say is that I use natural hair extensions (I’m planning to write about this on another blog post). This implies a greater effort when it comes to taking care of my hair.

Having clean hair is always pleasant, but we cannot abuse washing our hair frequently because we lose the natural oils. I wash it once a week with my Moroccan oil Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner. These are wonderful!

If you feel you have dry hair, you can use hair masks that contain coconut oil. I have to confess that I do not really like the use of a mask. Having to wait around 20 minutes and repeating the whole process is something I hate, but it is necessary for healthy hair. The wait is worth it. This hair mask leaves my hair shiny and silky.

Note: I recommend to avoid touching the root of your hair, so you avoid excess fat on the scalp.

Another recommendation I have is to avoid using the hair dryer. I think it’s an unnecessary aggression to the hair. It’s better to choose to wash your hair on a day of the week that you have time to let your hair dry outdoors.

Once I feel my hair is totally dry, while my flat iron heats up, I usually spray my hair with my favorite protector and thus I avoid damaging the hair. Once I have the final result. I put a few drops of my Moroccan Oil and I’m ready to go!

Do you have a tips/tricks to take care of your hair?

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