Lisbon has always been on my mind.

I was a child when I first visited Lisbon, Portugal. The memories I have from that trip are very vague. Thus, after many years, I decided to go back and re-live those memories. My father always spoke of Lisbon with bright eyes but I never understood why. Now, after my visit there, I understand and can speak about Lisbon with the same light in my eyes as my dad’s.

Lisbon is a picturesque and magical city, with an incredible mix of old vs. new, ancient riches vs. 20th century poverty. You can breathe the influence of the Arabic culture wherever you go. It is striking and beautiful. Lisbon is very quiet compared to other European cities.

Each day of my trip, I woke up very early to appreciate the beauty of the city’s architecture and tried to capture the empty streets. Along with the city, the walls are beautiful. They are decorated with colorful tiles. It was something that grabbed my attention from day one and it’s one of the things I loved the most. Lisbon is full of light wherever you go and with many interesting places that you wouldn’t expect to discover.

I learned a lot from the city and its people. The Portuguese are very friendly and nice. I didn’t speak the language, but didn’t have any problems communicating. It made me realize how lucky I am. I think that every time you learn a new culture or visit a new country, a part of you stays there forever and a piece of the place remains with you as living wisdom. I try to show these experiences through my photography. I have been sharing with you my findings on each day of this vacation and will continue to share more details about my trip soon.

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