My monthly goals….. February

February delivered as one of my favorite months of the year. I was able to spend a week in Cuba visiting my family and celebrate my birthday with them. I really enjoyed every second of this trip!

March will be an intense month. I want to experiment and immerse myself into the world of fashion. This, of course, without leaving my photography hobby. Since I’ll be staying in Miami for the next 6 months, I want to take full advantage of what the city offers in the fashion scene. Here’s my plan for the month that’s just starting:

1.       Moving out to a new city is never an easy task. I’ll need to quickly get up to speed to Miami’s lifestyle and adapt my life accordingly. This is a totally different city than San Francisco is but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ll be exploring the city and learning about it every day and will be sharing my images with my followers.

2.       As I mentioned previously, I’m inclined to start exploring the world of fashion. I’ve never touch on this before but the fashion industry has always fascinated me. I’ll try to post more photos veered towards the fashion scene. Since I’ll be staying in the city of the sun, I’m thinking of posting more of a summer and casual style.

3.      I’m also putting the final touches on my upcoming trip to Thailand and Bali. I’m so excited! For many years I’ve dreamed of visiting that side of the world in search of the perfect photograph. I think I will really like it. Any recommendation are always welcomed!

4.      We have moved to a house that needs to be reformed. The first thing I want to do is decorate a room to have my own office and be able to work more comfortably. I think it’s time! Share with the project, always waiting for its recommendations and advice.

5.      I know I have many challenges this month, but I would like to start posting more on the blog. I’m thinking that I could write 3 times a week. It’s just an idea. What do you think?

Sincerely, this month looks promising! It will be fun and intense, but I’ll put all the enthusiasm and desire. This 2018 is going better than expected. I really want to share everything new that is to come with you. You cannot imagine how happy I feel!

Thanks for reading me,

Olivia Dufort

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