Miami makes me Happy!

Happy Thursday, everyone! As you know, I recently moved temporarily to Miami and I am very happy about it! I’m really enjoying the weather. It’s something that I really love about this city. I have lived many years in San Francisco and other than the times I’ve been on vacation to the Caribbean during winter, I don’t remember wearing shorts at this time of the year. It is amazing how different climate scenes are able to influence our lives.

One of my goals for the month of March is to lean towards exploration of the world of fashion. The fashion industry has always fascinated me. Taking advantage of my stay in Miami, I wanted to try a simple combo. I’ve combined a black short and one of my favorite white blouses. I felt very comfortable. I love wearing shorts, it gives a sensual style and even better when paired with my elegant Valentino Garavani heels. I really love them! They are very comfortable, girls!

When I was trying this style, I felt that I was still missing something. I combined my shoes and pants with a new hat. I got this hat as a gift for my 33th birthday. Honestly, I have never liked hats as accessories, but I think that in Miami they are necessary. I think I will love hats, at least while in Miami.

Honestly, I felt very comfortable in this photo shoot. I connected from the first moment with the photographer and this made everything easier. I am very happy with the results. What do you think? Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazing day! Thanks so much for stopping by friends!

Oli Dufort

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