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In these last few days of 2018, it’s inevitable not to reflect on the incredible year it was! When I started LivingBetterWithOli a year and a half ago, I never imagined how challenging this project would be,both personally and professionally. I am so grateful to be able to dedicate myself to what I like. 

2018 has been intense. I moved from San Francisco to Miami. A dream come true!! From the first time I visited Miami, I felt that this was my next home.

I celebrated the first year of LivingBetterWithOli. This blog brings me a lot of joy, especially when I connect with my readers through email or messages. This is really incredible!!!

LivingBetterWithOli has become my passion. Keeping my blog active all this time has been a personal achievement. I can’t believe how much this blog has grown and how much I’ve learned. If I look back where I started, things have really changed around here.

As a featured trip, I fulfilled my dream of traveling to Asia. Getting to know Bangkok was just amazing. The capital of Thailand is a perfect summary of an Asian city. A mix of the most modern buildings with the chaos of the street vendors and the streets and sidewalks difficult to traverse, the mixture of food stalls and markets. It’s something that you love or you hate, there is no intermediate point.

I also had the opportunity to visit Bali. Undeniably, Bali has become my favorite destination this year. Its vibrant culture, delicious food, incredible landscapes and beaches with incredible sunsets have made this paradise island my favorite place in the world. It was an incredible experience. I promise to share a complete guide to Bali soon.

Having said all of this, I’m sure 2019 will bring much bigger and better things. I don’t want to end this post without saying thank you. Thanks for being part of all of this. Remember that your support and loyalty are a big boost to LivingBetterWithOli.

These are some of my favorite moments and shots of this year.



My First Blogiversary






Washington D.C 



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  • Lauren

    Beautiful photos Olí. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Elizabeth

    It was a pretty great year with some amazing times! Love every photo here. Happy Holidays!!!!

  • Margaret

    It was certainly a very funny year! I hope my Paris photos next weekend turn out as well as yours! Merry Christmas!!!!

    • Oli Dufort

      Thank you so much my dear friend. I’m sure your photos will be great. Merry Xmas Eve ✨

  • Nathalie

    Glad that you experience a lot this year! and i hope 2019 will be equally as exciting for you! Love all these colourful pictures of yours too! It makes me so happy!

    • Oli Dufort

      Thank you Nathalie. It is always a pleasure. Merry Christmas!!!

  • Alejandra Lopez

    These are all such gorgeous photos! What an amazing special year! Hope 2019 is just as great!

  • Robert

    Absolutely love it! Merry Christmas baby!!!!

  • Kinga K

    I love them ❤

  • Roxanna

    Amazing year Oli . Gorgeous pictures ❤️. Happy holidays!!!!!!

    xoxo Roxanna from Boston

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