My goals in this year

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This year that’s just beginning, I think that for me personally there will be great changes, especially because I do not want to make a list of goals to accomplish. I simply want to be myself in a pure state. I do not know if the same thing happens to you, but every time I start a new year, I set a series of goals and resolutions to be fulfilled that I do not even think about after the first quarter of the year.

I have been reflecting a lot on this issue. I have decided not to make any list of resolutions for 2018, simply, I’m going to set short-term goals and keep meeting them little by little. I think it will give me better results.

Almost all goals start with losing weight and going regularly to the gym to get fit for when summer comes, to wear a bikini, of course, I also want to lose the extra pounds, but this time I will not kill myself over it. The first thing is to accept me as I am.

I also want to leave the addiction to my phone. I think I would lead a better life and have more time to do other things, such as reading, cooking and studying photography courses if I would not be so aware of the phone. I am one of those who think that there were more social relationships before the generation of smartphones. In my childhood years, when you wanted to reach a specific address you had to ask 2 or 3 people minimum. Now you put the address on your mobile and you arrive easily, without the need to talk to anyone. It’s just you and your phone.

I would also like to travel to some Asian country. Any advice will be welcome! For a few months I have been thinking about and I am very curious about the Asian world. I want to go in search of the perfect picture and I have a feeling I’m going to find it there.

As you can see, I do not have many great pretensions this year. I want to make my list of resolutions along the year. If you have any resolutions this year, just focus on it and make it happen. My greatest wishes for you this year. Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading me,

Oli Dufort.

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  • Jean

    Great reflection. I agree with you. Good look for your resolution Olí.

    • Oli Dufort

      Thank you Jean for your suport! 🙂 Happy New Year dear friend.

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