My monthly goals February

The first month of 2019 is gone! January went so slooooow for me!!! A new month begins and I’m happy to write again for you my goals for February! Last month I did not publish as often as I would’ve liked, but it hasn’t been too bad, don’t you think?

It’s been a cold and rainy month here in Miami, but it seems that the weather is beginning to improve. As a consequence, I’ve been a little discouraged and I apologize for this. This month I want to be 100% dedicated to the blog.

I’ve decided on some goals for the next few weeks, so I thought I would share with you.

1. I’ll be celebrating my 34th birthday. Can you believe it?!?! I still don’t have anything in planned, but I’ll be thinking about this.

2. I’ll continue working hard on my fitness life. This month I’m doing the challenge of the Keto diet during the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck!!!!

3. I’ll continue to share with you my daily recipes of my Keto diet and some tips and tricks that have helped me with this challenge.

4. I’ll have some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

5. I’ll continue exploring Miami and its surroundings. Of course, I will post photographs of this.

How about you? Do you have something special going on this month?



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  • Lauren

    You can achieve it Oli. I left the carbohydrates and sugars more than 6 months ago. My life has changed. At first days you feel very bad, but once you get your body to adapt you will see the great changes. Good luck!!! 🙂

    • Oli Dufort

      Hi Lauren. This is my first week and I’ve felt very well. I’m very happy with this lifestyle, although sometimes it’s very difficult. Thank you for your
      good wishes 🙂

  • Nathalie

    I can’t wait for your gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

    • Oli Dufort

      Hello Nathy,

      I have published a great list for Valentine’s Day. Good luck!!!

  • Liliam

    I will like to see a gifts list for men.

    • Oli Dufort

      Hi Lili. I have published a great list for men. Good luck!!!!

  • Robert

    I can’t wait to see more picture about Miami. Here in Boston is so cold this winter. You are so lucky!!!!

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