My New Camera

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to renew my photographic equipment. I currently have a Canon t3i that has accompanied me for more than 5 years. It’s a camera that has fulfilled my expectations, but my evolution in the field of photography demands for a change.

For my 34th birthday, and after a long research, I’ve gifted myself the Sony a6000. I know what you’re thinking….are you switching to a mirrorless camera?!?! Simply, yes! I have switched and I’m very happy about it. After trying a few of them, mirrorless cameras have become my favorite.

The first thing I like about the a6000 is the size (I can incredibly carry it in most of my bags).  Professionally, I love its focus speed, even in low light. It also has a remarkable image quality, as well as many customizable options. Another function that I love is that you can export the photos quickly and easily to your mobile and share them here and now. It sounds incredible, right? If you’re thinking of a buying new camera, do not hesitate in trying the Sony a6000!


Olivia Dufort



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