My dream trip to Asia is approaching and it is time to pack! 🙂 I’ve been playing with this moment for days and I’m super excited. If you have been following me for a while, you know that traveling to Asia has always been a top of my travel list. Every time I travel, I try to make a list of what I need to pack before I start. As I go packing I am marked and thus I avoid things being forgotten.

For this long journey, I have chosen a set of SAMSONITE 2 PIECE SPINNER SET. I love this set, I’ve been with it for 5 years. They are very comfortable and easy to use.

I have selected a series of products that I will carry in my carry-on bag. I have to be honest with you and I confess that I am afraid to reach my destination and that the suitcase I checked in does not arrive. So I always carry 3 or 4 sets with me, so if the case arises while I solve the problem, I have some clothes to wear.

I am often asked what else I carry in my carry-on baggage? In honor of the tropical climates, I have selected short dresses, Linen Shorts and T-shirts. I have also selected a series of accessories for each set. I love the accessories. They give a more personal touch to each outfit. Here is a selection of some of the chosen ones.

Other chosen have also been (sunglasses, hats, nail polish, earrings, sunscreen, makeup, swimwear, sarongs, bags ….) For this I use my wonderful travel bags. I love them because they are transparent and I can find things easily.

For me one of the main things in each trip is the shoes. If I know I’m going to walk for long periods of time. I like to wear something nice but also comfortable. Here I share some of them.

I’m looking forward to being on the other side of the world, with my camera in hand and exploring a world totally unknown to me. Do you have a trip next? If you have any recommendation or advice for me, do not hesitate, they will always be welcome!

Thanks for reading me,

Oli Dufort

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