San Francisco: The city where I live.

I love San Francisco and many people will wonder: Why? Simply…because this city is wonderful. San Francisco has an interesting architecture. The contrast between its bridges, the mountains, the sea, the colors, its people, its streets, its healthy living, the metro rail and so much more. I often do not know if I am in Lisbon or San Francisco?

 I could spend years living here and continue to discover interesting sites. What is my best moment of the day? After a long day of work, I consider myself a lucky woman because I can throw my camera around my neck and lose myself in this beautiful city doing one of the things I enjoy most in life – taking pictures. I have to confess that I was always attracted to the photos of the wallpapers that came by default on computers and I thought “if I could make those shots”.

 More than a year ago I made the decision to fulfill my dream and dedicate myself to photography as a hobby. I confess that I have a lot to learn, but any decision that is taken in life as simple as it may seem, is never easy….nothing is impossible and dreams can become reality with a effort and dedication.

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June 17, 2017

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