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Articles that I love in January.

I’m pretty excited about today’s post!. It has been a cold and rainy week in Miami. For my readers who have asked me about my family, due to the tornado in Havana, luckily they are fine, thank you very much for asking. These past few days have being kind of crazy, the climate here is very unpredictable. In the mornings it’s so cold you have to wear layers, but then by noon it warms up and you need to remove half of the clothes you’re wearing. Then by night, returns to being cool. I promise that next year I’ll be ready for this Miami weather!

I’m excited to introduce a section on my blog where I’ll share some of my favorite articles from the world wide web with you. It’s a section that I want to start sharing at the end of each month. From skin care products to recipes and any interesting articles that have come to my attention. This month I’ve left all Beauty articles on its own separate category, which I’ll be sharing next week.

Here are my favorite articles for the month of January:

Why You Should Go to San Francisco This Winter

The Best Airline Credit Cards

This new South Beach restaurant is giving away free Christian Louboutin shoes every weekThis sounds fun!!! If you are in Miami and would like to look like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City.

A ketogenic diet for beginners :  If you’ve been following me, you have noticed that I started this diet 3 days ago and I am sharing in my Instagram stories some recipes that I like daily. Wish me luck in this new challenge!!!

Book of the month: Wife in Paris 

Movie of the month: Bird Box Drama/Thriller

My dream destinations 2019: Popular in my blog this month 

Bali 2018

5 museums that you need to visit in Miami

I tried a $10 sleep mask with 10,000 reviews and have never slept better

San Valentine Ideas: Sales of 40% off when you use Chase Pay.













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