Top 5 Attractions in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the city of light and the city of 7 hills has a special magic. Lisbon is the perfect combination between the ancient and present world, with stunning places. The city has a romantic side, also nostalgic and melancholic, but even continues to be a beautiful city. The gastronomy is exquisite, accompanied by excellent wine and its tradicional music ( FADO ). Lisbon is a city that makes you fall in love with her.

I spent 9 days and I had time to visit every corner of this amazing city. From monuments, church and castles to restaurants with the best gastronomy and service.

Today I want to share with you a little guide about the top 5 attractions in Lisbon, Portugal, according to my experiences. There are many places in Lisbon that you can visit. The only thing you have to do is let yourself get carried away by the magic of the city and you will not regret. Trust me.

Sao Jorge Castle   The castle is in the Hill of San Jorge. It is easy to find. To get here, you can take the tram #28 to Mirador da Santa Lucia. The castle used to be a prison, a weapons warehouse and a theatre. Nowadays, in my opinion, the main attraction is that it has the best views from the ramparts. Strolling through its battlements transports you to another era.

Monumento aos Descobrimentos, Torre de Belem, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and La Fabrique Pasteis de Belem

It is considered a must see in Lisbon. It is located in the neighborhood of Belen and can be reached by tram #15 which runs parallel to the river from Cais do Sodré station, so you will enjoy a pleasant walk. Once there, you can enter the Monastery of Los Jeronimos. Its Gothic style together with the tower of Belen are authentic jewels. Both are considered Patrimony of the Humanity. The visit to the Monastery costs 10 euros, but if you combine it with the Belen Tower it will cost you 12. But believe me it’s worth it!

Another visit almost obligatory, also in the zone, is the Monuments of the Discoverers. We were informed that we could climb to the monuments for a cost of 3 euros, but honestly we only saw it on the outside because the waiting line was endless. From there you can enjoy spectacular views and especially the 25 de Abril Bridge.

Another popular thing in Lisbon, but made only in this neighborhood, are the famous cakes of Belen. You can visit the factory which is an immense cafe located a few meters from the Monastery. There you can delight in the cakes and other specialties of the house.

Rossio Square – This is the most popular plaza in Lisbon. I think that all roads start here. Around this plaza you can find: restaurants, coffee places, stores and more. People say is is the meeting place for Lisbon residents and visitors. This square is very central.

The Carmo Convent and Church and Santa Justa Lift – These attractions are in the neighborhood of Chiado. This church was the largest Gothic- style in Lisbon. It was left in ruins after an earthquake and it was never rebuilt. Today is a big memory of that tragic earthquake. The best way you can visit is through Santa Justa Lift , so you avoid the steep slopes. This is a meeting place for photographers and painters. In very few places I have felt as much peace and tranquility as in this one.

In the same neighborhood, leaving the convent of Carmo on the right, there is a restaurant called Knife & Fork. I recommend this place as it has typical Portuguese food at a very good price and super fresh produce. The cod and the desserts are delicious.

The city of Sintra – Located more or less 50 minutes by train from Lisbon. From the Rosario station, located in the same center you can take a return ticket for 4.50 euros. The train is very economical and you save yourself from having to deal with parking in the city, which is difficult at times. The train and the city are very safe. It is a must see on your itinerary if you plan to visit Lisbon soon. Here you have more information about my visit to Sintra.

Thank you for reading!!!!!

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