What I Carry in my bag?

Hello, girls!  Happy Monday to y’all!. Today I want to share with you about one my favorite accessory items. I must be honest with you, and with myself, and admit that I am addicted to handbags. I absolutely love! From the first moment I saw it on display, I knew I had to add it to my collection.

First of all, I would like to talk about the beauty of this bag. It is a handbag with a very delicate skin when you feel it. With a fringe band inspired by the sixties and this is what makes this bag so striking. I particularly love everything that has fringes! One of its accessories is an internal nylon bag and a shoulder strap to easily carry the bag on the shoulder.

With regards to what I carry in my handbag, definitely my Purificación Garcia leather purse and my faithful iPhone X. with the case from Apple in pink ($ 49.00). I’m never without my phone and this cover makes it soft and delicate. I chose it in pink because it is one of my favorite colors, but they have a wide range of colors available.

There are other essential items that I carry in my bag such as my personal notebook. I got it as a gift from  my partner a couple of years ago during the first anniversary of our trip to Paris. I love taking it out to take some notes in public places. I have the feeling that everyone likes it. I also carry my beautiful pen and some other accessory to pick my hair.

Most of the time my bag is pretty tidy. I don’t like having receipts or other food laying around. I also carry a selection of makeup products including my beloved lipstick from Chanel Suzanne (438) Rouge Coco. It is an intense rosewood color and you can wear it at any time of the day. Also, one of my favorite fragrances Mon Paris Couture Eau de Parfum ($ 122) and my makeup base to cover my facial spots,  TART Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 ($ 39.00). Who does not use facial stain erasers? This one I especially love because besides covering very well, it has solar protection. I also carry my hand moisturizer Fiori Vince Camuto and my mask Le Volume de Chanel ($ 32.00)

It’s all there. What are you carrying in your bag?

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  • Claudia

    Hello Oli. This post is awesome. Thank you for share

    • Oli Dufort

      Thank you Claudia . Welcome to my blog ❤️

  • Karla

    My name is Karla and I live in Oregon. This post is awosome. I am very interesing to buy this bag, please where can I buy?

  • Hani

    Hey Oli. How was your day yesterday? Did you rest yesterday? Your bag is amazing. I need one for the summer

    • Oli Dufort

      Hi Karla. You are so sweet. I send the information for email. Thank for your comment

      • Oli Dufort

        Hi Hani. Yesterday I could rest every day, thank you . This bag is beautiful .

  • Didier

    Love that pink bag! It is so stylish and I love the fringes!


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