5 Incredible things you can do in Cuba

Cuba has become in recent years, as I have often said, the favorite destination for many tourists attracted to its interesting historic buildings, paradisiacal beaches,museums, old cars, the colorful streets and the joy of its people.

Today’s post is dedicated to 5 incredible things you can do in Cuba.

1. Old Havana.

Lose yourself in the streets of the Historic Quarter of Havana, the most conserved part of the city, aimless and meaningless is one of the ways to get to know the soul of the capital of Cuba. The Plaza de Armas, Obispo street, Plaza de las Palomas, Hotel Floridita, La Bodeguita del Medio and the Cathedral of Havana are places that will not go unnoticed.

2. Hotel Nacional

It is the most legendary hotel in the city. Here the most notorious members of the American mafia met in 1946. A hotel that has been visited by many celebrities. The hotel is inspired by The Breaker’s Hotel in West Palm Beach. On the terrace you can enjoy a lovely view of the famous Havana’s Malecon. I would have liked to do the Walk of Fame Tour. For only $5, you can go up to a room and see all the celebrities that have visited this hotel.

3. Ride in an “Almendrón”

Without a doubt, American cars is one of the attractions that most attract the attention of tourists. Currently you can tour Havana in one of them for 40 CUC (approximately $50 dollars).

4. Plaza de la Revolution.

Here is the memorial to José Martí, one of the most beloved Cuban heroes. It’s also often used to gather for marches and protests.

You can get to it in the aforementioned ‘Almendron Tour’. Take advantage and take a picture with Che and Camilo Cienfuegos.

5. Callejon de Hamel (Hamel’s Alley).

If you want to enjoy the Afro-Cuban culture in its splendor, you will have to take a mandatory stop in the Callejón de Hamel, where the frantic rumba is given reins every Sunday. You can also enjoy the street murals.

Photo via: @callejondehamel 

You’re going to fall in love with Cuba and you may not realize it until you’re back home hundreds of miles away. Here you can find a more Complete Guide to Cuba, published a few months ago.

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  • Lauren

    Wonderful colors in Cuba. This post is perfect for my first trip to Cuba next Year 🙂 .Thank you so much.

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      Hi Lauren.

      Thank you so much for your support!! If you need more information about Cuba, please contact me via email or sms 🙂

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