Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: FOR HIM

Hey Family! I know you are already thinking that February is “Valentine”s Day”. No doubt you are asking yourself: What to give to your boyfriend, husband or friend? This time, the guide I’m giving you is dedicating to them. Our partner, friend, father, uncle …

Throughout the years, I have realized that whenever it is our turn to give a friend, sister or some woman is super easy. However in the case of men, we go crazy, myself included. In my case I have a brother and a lot of male friends (in addition to having a wonderful father) so I have had experience in men’s gifts. I think that throughout my life, I have specialized in gifts for them.

To my boyfriend, it is always easy to give him, he likes: chocolates, perfumes and shaving creams. He is a very simple man! I think the gifts are perfect for the men who are part of our lives. It’s just a matter of thinking a little what they like and add it!

You will see below my ideas for gifts and included almost everything: whiskey for grandparents, creams and perfumes for husbands and boyfriends, and much more. I am happy to share this list with you!

I hope you find some inspiration in this small list. What do you usually buy for your loved ones for these dates?























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