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Christmas is one of the things I love the most about this season. Decorating the house at this time of the year is such a fun task.Christmas brings me so many joyful memories of my childhood. My family and I used to go to my grandmother’s home to celebrate this special day. Any rift that existed between us, at that time was forgotten. My grandmother would grab all of her grandchildren (my brother, my cousin and myself) and we would help her baking cookies, bread and keeping an eye on the turkey. In Cuba, there is no notion of Thanksgiving Day, we eat turkey during Christmas.

Today I have prepared a list of essential items to enjoy the warmth of the holiday spirit. Christmas trees, stockings, ornaments…even an advent calendar. I feel so excited to share this list with you.

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a fundamental element in our homes. Here I bring you different styles. Traditional, white(flocked), pre-lit and so many more options. This year I love the flocked white on green Christmas tree. Do you have any preferences?

Once you have chosen your favorite tree type, it’s time to fill it with life. Family memories, colorful decor… let yourself be carried away by magic.
Pleated Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Stockings


Christmas Door

Advent calendars work too. Last year when I decided to make my Christmas list for friends and family, in many stores these were already sold out. That’s why I’m including them in this publication, so that you shop ahead of time. Later I will be sharing a larger list of gift ideas for Christmas.


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  • Maria

    This is a great post. happy Holiday!!!!!! 🙂

  • Amy Griffin

    Excellent post ❤️. Happy Holiday!!!!!

  • NAthAlie

    This year my children and I opted for the snowy Christmas tree, it looks so beautiful!!!!! Happy Holiday!!!!

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